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January 22
AudioCodes Gateway Mysteriously Reboots

AudioCodes SR#699259
AudioCodes recommendation:
“From Version F6.60A.227, a fix is available for affected users to resolve this issue.
To implement this fix, do the following:
1.       Upgrade the device to Version F6.60A.227 or later.
2.       Establish a CLI connection with the device, and then run the following CLI command:
copy startup-script from running-config
This command restores the device to factory defaults, and then reloads it with the current
configuration. Note that two restart cycles occur during this process”

For CLI:

a.       Telnet to gateway IP address

b.       Login with Admin credentials.

c.       Enter “copy startup-script from running-config”
5.       Log back into gateway and make sure all looks good on home page and status/diagnostics log.


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